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Highlands Motorsport Park

Are you keen to visit Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell, located only 45 minutes away from Queenstown, a fun experience for the whole family. From the high speed Single or Dual Go karts, to the insane adrenaline pumping fast laps in a Ferrari or Porsche GT3, they meet every adrenaline need.

For those who seek the less fast-paced, take a stroll through the impressive sculpture park and enjoy the incredible mountain vistas on the horizon. Indulge in their Aroma Room Wine tasting. See classic and ultra-modern vehicles and discover the history of racing in the Highlands Motorsport Museum.

Highlands is located very close to a lot of Central Otago’s fantastic wineries. Why not add a visit to one of the numerous local wineries after a fun filled time at Highlands? Get in touch below for a personallised quote. Or you might want to have some water fun at the close by Kiwi WaterPark on Lake Dunstan. This is an option to add on during the summer months.

Puzzling World

Be amazed and amused for an hour or a day at Puzzling World in Wanaka. Your Queentown Transport can get you there from Queenstown, no problem.

Puzzling World will challenge your reality, baffle your brain and leave you wondering …

Discover their Illusion Rooms, where you can try to escape the eyes of Einstein, watch water flow uphill, see yourself shrink and marvel at impossible art. All five of their Illusion Rooms defy logic and are extreme Brain Test Dummy challenges!

Or you might want to test your skills in the world’s first multi-level ‘Mega Maze’. Follow the pathways over, under and around, locate the towers then find the exit – sounds easy right?! Built in 1973 this is the maze that started a world-wide ‘Maze Craze’ and will challenge your mental abilities to the max!

Wanaka is always a great place to visit. And while you are at Puzzling World, why not let us take you to the famous Tree in Lake Wanaka. Or you might want to check out the fantastic Lavender Farm also located in beautiful Wanaka.

Wanaka Lavender Farm

Wānaka Lavender Farm is located just over an hour drive from Queenstown, where you can experience 20 acres of beautiful lavender fields, farm animals & display gardens. Enjoy a walk through the flowers, meet their friendly farm animals, play a garden game, unwind over a cup of herbal tea & indulge with their lavender ice-creams. Sample their Lakes Honey and the many Wānaka Lavender Farm products that are produced on site.
Combine your Lavender Farm visit with a fun filled couple of hours at Puzzling World or let us take you to the famous Tree in Lake Wanaka.

Cardrona Distillery

For those of you enjoying the odd glass of spirit, Cardrona Distillery is definitely a place that we at Your Queenstown Transport recommend to visit.

They are creating the finest spirits with pure Alpine water sourced from the heart of Mount Cardrona and locally foraged seasonal ingredients to produce an unparalleled signature taste.
Cardrona Distillery is family owned and operated. The very best equipment has been sourced from the four corners of the earth, to make exquisite handcrafted Single Malt Whisky, Gin, Vodka and Liqueurs.

Combine your Distillery visit with a great meal in the old Cardrona Pub.

Kiwi Waterpark Cromwell

Another absolute favourite of some of our recent guests has been a visit to the Kiwi Water Park near Cromwell. It is New Zealand’s largest and most exciting inflatable water park, just a 45 min drive from Queenstown.

They have all sorts of obstacles, water toys, slides, diving boards, spinning UFOs and seesaws along with the world’s largest floating sheep, Rodney.The park is designed for adults, teens and older children who are fit confident swimmers.

Why not combine your trip to Kiwi Water Park with a visit of the Highlands Motorsport Park? Or you might prefer some wine and food tasting at the numerous local wineries. Get in touch and we design your favourite Central Otago visit.

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